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Mayella Favre

For more than 25 years in the healthcare sector, I have been able to gain experience in various positions (marketing, quality management, project management, fundraising, management positions) in private and public hospitals as well as in outpatient medical practices.

Since 2008 I have been working in the medical technology industry. There I deal intensively with the market access and reimbursement issues in Switzerland. For example, the mechanisms of the inpatient tariff SwissDRG  or of the TARMED outpatient tariff are also one of the everyday questions. The coordination and creation of HTA applications (MiGeL and annex 1 of ordinance of health services) is also part of my job.


Having beein a member of the management team of the Swiss branch of an international medtech company, my knowledge of the Swiss healthcare system, politics and stakeholders was counted on to incorporate these aspects into the local business strategy.

I have been self-employed since 2021 and offer my knowledge of the Swiss healthcare system to various organizations.

You can find more about my curriculum vitae at

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